Apeiruss Biography

Apeiruss is a renowned Bangladeshi Electronic Music duo. They are one of the pioneers of EDM act in the mainstream Bangladesh Music Industry. With melodic, unique and experimental creations, the duo consisting two brother Sheikh Saami Mahmud & Sheikh Shafi Mahmud have carved their own distinct sound and style. They are one of the first and most prominent EDM act of Bangladesh. Genres of Apeiruss are electronic, electro house, modern pop, progressive house, dance-pop, reggaeton, ambient and many experimental electronic music presentation.

They first came to attention when they released their first track called “Bijoyer Shopno” back in 2014. Which was a progressive house track with the blending of big room. They have introduced multiple EDM genres in Bangladesh Mainstream Music Industry by producing tracks for famous pop artists like Tahsan Khan, Balam, Elita Karim, Mala, Naumi, Oyshee, Palbasha and many more. Collaborated with bands like SHUNNO and in Hip-Hop, Uptown Lokolz and many more. They have introduced different genres and styles of electronic music in each song they have produced.
Besides working in home ground, Apeiruss worked beyond borders. They have collaborated with famous Sri Lankan Pop Singer Stephan Neera & Kaizer Kaiz. Produced music for famous Bollywood Films with renowned composer Amaal Mallik, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Shaarib -Toshi and many more. Composed and produced song named “ISHQAM” for very famous Mika Singh and BIG BOSS reality show famed Ali Quli Mirza. Arman Mallik, a famous Bollywood playback singer sang his first ever Bangaldeshi Bangla song which was composed and produced by Apeiruss duo.

Some of the songs of Apeiruss are –
Bijoyer Shopno featuring Mehrab, Borno & Rinty, Halfway to Heaven, Reborn (feat. Stephan Neera & Kairzer Kaiz) Duckface feat. Amid, Hold Me Down feat. Amid, Fight For you, Schizophrenia feat. Lamiya, Joss Na feat. Batbaksho, Down for you love feat. Rumman, Cholona Harai with Tahsan, Bhalobeshe Niruddeshe ft. Tahsan, Tor Karone feat. Armaan Malik, Nao Chariya De feat. Palbasha, Janiye Dao feat. Mithun Chakra, Leelabali ft. Mala & Uptown Lokolz, Ami Tumi Feat. Elita, Ishqam with Mika Singh & Ali Quli Mirza etc.